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"Merlin" Bernese Mountain Dog Phone Grip

Bernese Mountain Dog

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Super fun addition to your phone.  Sticks to the back with included 3M adhesive disc, pops open so that you can grip your phone securely with one hand.  

Works best when adhering directly to the back of the phone.  That being said, mine is stuck to the back of my Otterbox case which does have a bit of texture and it has stayed securely for over 3 months and counting.  Also, I am guilty of fidgeting with my phone grip off and on all day long, sliding it into my scrub pockets, and occasionally using it as a makeshift phone stand.  So far, my grip has held up to all of these abuses nicely.

Excessive heat will cause the adhesive to fail (ie: leaving your phone in your car :) )

Clean the area with alcohol and allow to dry prior to sticking your phone grip for best results.



These phone grips measure approximately 1.5” in diameter.  The base is a rubbery plastic, once stuck to the phone you can pop out the grip and it stands off the phone approximately one inch.

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