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"Summer Bliss" Samoyed - Suggest a new breed!

I'm trying new things in 2016.  By "new things" I mean painted treasures, and painting new breeds!  My first new breed for 2016 is the stunning Samoyed.  I am enchanted by these beautiful white dogs!  I'll continue to paint them, they've embedded themselves in my heart, but I plan to do (hopefully) at least one new breed a month for the next 9 months.  Feel free to suggest a breed!  Either contact me through this site or comment below.

While the snow lingers in Northern Michigan (even though the temperatures have been in the 50's most of the week!) I am dreaming of seasons to come.  Thoughts of butterflies, birds, and lots of pretty flowers keep me sane through the long winter.  As I look out my window at the bare tree branches and the fog hovering over the melting snow (brrr!) my mind takes me to places like this, and I am happy.

"Summer Bliss" Samoyed

I won't add any commentary.  Just enjoy the photos!

I ended up taking the canvas off the stretchers and filling in the corners to get a bigger picture out of this one!  I'm glad I did, the end result is a much better design.

Find prints of this image here:  "Summer Bliss" Samoyed

Don't forget to share your suggestions for breeds!  I'm excited to try something new!

Thanks for reading!

All images © Amy Bolin & may not be used, copied, or printed