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Remaking "Wanna Go?"

Once upon a time, I had an ooold HP computer.  Naive in the ways of electronics, I failed to back up my files consistently.  I lost a lot of art when that old HP computer crashed.  Sigh.  That's a hard lesson to learn!

On the bright side, that crash has given me reason to go back and repaint some of my favorite paintings from '03 - '06.

Here is my repaint of "Wanna Go?"  A sweet little sheltie that's super eager to go for his daily walk.

The original painting looked like this:

Adorable!  But I couldn't get a good print from this.

So, here we go!  Painting a woodblock in my old black outline cartoony style.

I used to ALWAYS start with a solid black background and leave a chunky black outline around my doggies. (sorry for the blur!)

When painting this way, I always finished the dog and then went in a filled in a background around him. 

Zombie Sheltie!

Once I was happy with the pup, I would go  back and fill in the background.  Sometimes I had no idea what the background would be until I reached this point!

This little fella had a tile checker floor

And here he is, all finished up:

This little wood block is now on eBay